Eleven Pipers Piping ( Celebrating the 11th day of Christmas)

The Eleven Pipers Piping
The Eleven Pipers Piping

The 11th Day of December – Our turn at the Bloghop to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. There are ten amazing crafts before us, check them out at the bottom of this post.

In line with the recurring theme on the blog (to make learning fun), we have used this adorable pipers post to teach us some craft, a little maths and some science. Hope you enjoy the post.

Recommended Age

Toddlers (1.5 years to 3 years) for the craft, the song and the tradition

Preschoolers (3-5 years) ,Primary age – the craft, Song, Tradition with some maths and science

Things needed

For the Elves :

11 Pipers Piping - Things needed
11 Pipers Piping – Things needed
  • Some Bottles – We bought a dozen from the local kitchen stores, this is the amazon link for something similar ( affiliate)
  • Pipe Cleaners ( thick and thin ones)
  • Felt ( we used the forest shades – green, olive, brown and leaf green)
  • Craft papers ( for the Hat and the legs)
  • Baubles (for the head)
  • Pompoms
  • Straws
  • Glue / Gluedots, tape, scissors

For the Music,Maths and Science:

11 Pipers Piping - Things needed ( for the music))
11 Pipers Piping – Things needed ( for the music))
  • Water
  • Syringe ( 5ml)
  • Spoon, Fork or a butter knife

Pre preparation / Invitation

Get the Pipers ready.

Making the Pipers
Making the Pipers


If you don’t need the 11 pipers, it shouldn’t take you as long. Once you have everything ready, a bottle piper takes about 10-15 minutes to make.

Piper Making Steps
Piper Making Steps
  1. Cut rectangular strips of the felt, to make a smock for the bottle.
  2. Fold the strip in half and make slits at the center of the strip (approximately)
  3. Take a thick pipe cleaner and tie it around mouth of the bottle ( to make dangling arms, cut at a suitable length)
  4. Push the slit around the mouth of the bottle (above the pipe cleaner)
  5. Secure the smock with a thin pipe cleaner
  6. With some glue, stick a cut ( ¼ of) straw to both ends of a pipecleaner to represent a pipe held by both arms
  7. Use a bauble for the head
  8. Fold a diagonal piece of craft paper into a cone shape and make an elf hat for the piper
  9. Fold a strip of craftpaper into a ladder and stick it to the bottom of the bottle to make legs
  10. Stick pompoms to the other end to make shoes for the piper
  11. Display the eleven

The Eleven Pipers Piping The Eleven Pipers Piping


What we did 

The Song : A quick intro to the The Twelve Days of Christmas

Little S and I talked about the song and the tradition ( I have attached links here for reference). We also watched the song on youtube. The tune and the repeating pattern is very catching and we were humming along in no time

The 12 Days of Christmas Song
The 12 Days of Christmas Song

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” is an English Christmas carol that enumerates in the manner of a cumulative song a series of increasingly grand gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas. (Wiki)

For the Song – Youtube & the Religious Interpretation

The Maths (Measurements, Times table and counting in 5s) :

Making 11 pipers is hard work, so we took a break between step 5 and 6 and did this fun experiment.

We numbered the pipers from 1 to 11 with stickers on back

Numbering our pipers from 1- 11
Numbering our pipers from 1- 11

Using the 5 ml syringe, we filled in the 11 bottles in increasing order (Piper one has 5 ml, piper 2 has 10 ml and son on to piper 11 with 55ml)

S helped write down how many syringes were needed to fill each bottle and how many ml did that make ( A good exercise to count in 5s and run through your 5 times table)

How many ml in each bottle (piper) ?
How many ml in each bottle (piper) ?

Now to make music like the pipers : (The science)

Place the bottle in a line from 1 – 11 (It’s important to use the same size bottle for this experiment)

We used a spoon to tap/strike on each bottle and observed the sound/music

Making Music
Making Music

S could clearly see that the more the water in the bottle, the pitch was lower (and more melodious according to him). Less water would mean that there is less overall weight and hence the pitch is much higher. ( More water would mean more vibrating mass, hence lesser pitch)

We tapped the bottle in random order to make music ( just like our 11 pipers)

Try this with 4-5 bottles (with atleast a 20ml difference in volume of each bottle) and you could easily play a tune

Skills we learn

Song, Tradition and some craft. We used the bottle to make music learing some Maths (Measurements, Times table and counting in 5s) and some science ( sound, the concept of pitches)

What Next

As our elves are now ready, we want to use them to talk about emotions ( in a post soon) and also use them as holiday elves

Hope you enjoyed the post, please check back tomorrow for Learning and Exploring Through Play’s 12 Drummers Drumming


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  1. i really like the way you extended the activity with the music making experiment. Arts and crafts are a great format to make learning fun for children and we try to incorporate this into some of our activities as well.

  2. What a wonderful, inspiring post! I love how attractive these look and how you have extended the activity and adding the music aspect how you have is just genius! Thank you for sharing such a great activity! Really enjoyed reading!

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